Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Laundry 0, Creativity 1


Well, I finally got to play last night. I decided that the laundry could wait another day or two. Here is the what I did last night. It is not my favourite layout that I have done, but I like it. I continue to work out of my comfort zone, and I am loving it!

The thing that I am struggling with now is scrapbooking my regular photos. I have all of these great pictures of us (engagement pictures, wedding pictures, Heather’s pictures) and I only want to create with them. I started working on my Disney album at CSCFK and have had little motivation to finish it. It could just be that I am sick of looking at the extra 15lbs I am carrying around in those pictures, but I think it is because my “style” is very different with those pictures. I have a very eclectic style and right now I am not in a Disney style kind of mood. So my new goal is to finish that book!! Before I can do a page using any of my “professional” pictures I have to do two Disney layouts. Once I start doing it again I know I will get back into it, I just have to start.

A girlfriend of mine is coming over on Thursday night to make Christmas cards, so hopefully I will have lots of those to share soon!

I doubt I will have time to play in my scrapbook room tonight. I will be busy handing out goodies to all the little ghouls and goblins that come to my door. I hope everyone has a very Happy Halloween!!


nadine said...

i had big plans to do lots of scrapbooking last night and ended up doing pretty much nothing. nada. zip.

Anonymous said...

Oh you need to go to treasured for some Disney inspiration, seriously! Nothing like shopping to boost creativity!