Thursday, October 25, 2007

Because All the Cool Kids are Doing it!

Okay, I know I am little slow jumping on the blogging bandwagon, but after almost a year of debating I decided to just go for it. To tell you the truth I registered for this blog months ago. Why now you ask??? I am not too sure. I have loved reading other peoples’ blogs for so long now I think it is time for me join in all the fun. That and I love to talk about myself ;)

So, while attending Canada’s Scrapbooking Crop for Kids in Edmonton I found my scrapbooking mojo. I am not to sure where it has been hiding all this time, but I am so glad it is back. My desk at work is full of post-its with ideas for new pages and projects. I am so pumped, I love feeling creative. Now if I only had more time to play in my scrapbook room.

Recently I have started looking at challenge blogs and found a few last week that I really liked. I did two pages for a couple of these challenges on Sunday (which is a big deal for someone who has been averaging one page every month or two) and I finally feel like my style is evolving. I worked outside of my comfort zone and I love it. I came across a new site, Scrap In Style, and posted the layouts on there. I was mega surprised (okay I almost jumped up and down and did a little dance beside my desk at work) to find that one of my layouts had been chosen for their weekly catwalk!! I have never been chosen for anything like that before, and let me tell you, it feels great.

Here are the two layouts that I am talking about. The first is the one that was chosen for SIS’ Catwalk that I did it for the OLW Challenge. The second one I did for the Unpubbed Challenge.

I just hope that my mojo sticks around for awhile, I love feeling creative!! Hopefully I have new layouts to share very, very soon!

Oh Heather, I did notice that you tagged me, but I am working on something for that ;) I hope to have it done on the weekend.


Rob & Heather said...

WHOOO HOOO!! welcome to blogland!! Post post post your layouts, congrats on the catwalk, isn't it an awesome feeling to have your work recognized?! I just posted some of your pics on my photography blog. I will add the link to my blog later today! Love the layouts, BTW!!!

nadine said...

i'm happy you're blogging and scrapbooking! i haven't actually done either in quite awhile. i was thinking i might sit down tonight and finally scrapbook, and maybe tomorrow since i don't have class. i miss it so.

Tykie said...

Wahoo! Congrats on finding your mojo - at WEM of all places?! Although I must admit to finding a bit of my own scrapbooking mojo there too - could it have been the company;-)
Your layouts are great (always have been) and I'm glad you got on the catwalk!

buzzcut said...

Hey Lindsay!
I love your blog; wish I had the guts (and time!) to run my own as well. I love reading others' blogs. Heather is a buddy of mine too, from St. Albert. Looking forward to more l/o's and musings from you! I love to talk about myself too-ha ha. Congrats on winning the challenge! Oh, one more thing: What the heck is a "mojo"?