Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wacky Wednesday

Well, things have been pretty busy around here. I did get to scrapbook a bit this weekend, but not nearly as much as I had hoped. I have all of these ideas floating around in my head, but it seems like I can never find the time to create them.

On Friday night I finally finished my lift of Heather’s Unpubbed layout, unfortunately, I did not get it in in time for the contest, but I least I got it done.

And, I will have you notice that it is a Disney layout!! I finished three Disney layouts on the weekend. I might actually get this album done in the near future. Here are the other two. For some reason my scanner does not like me right now so they may look a little wonky. I promise, in real life every thing is straight.

I was going to scrapbook on Sunday night, but instead I did this.

It was my first official babysitting gig as an Aunt. And as you can see we had no fun what so ever! Who knew reading Wacky Wednesday would cause us to go so wacky!

This week is gearing up to be pretty hectic. I won’t even start to whine about my winter tire fiasco! This weekend, however, is showing some hope of me creating some more layouts. Hopefully, I have some new pages to show very soon!!


Anonymous said...

cool layouts, I like the Pluto one the best! I can't wait until we can scrap all day later this month!

Tykie said...

I too like the Pluto one the best - I think it's the colors. But I like all of your LO, Linds! You're a crazy anutie (they're the BEST though)! 6:38 AM!?! posting on your blog - yikes!

nadine said...

what are you doing this weekend? do you have time to get together?

Tykie said...

You whoooo? Where are you? I hope all of your rpojects at work are going well - let me know when you come up for air.