Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jump Start January

After spending most of November and December working on Christmas gifts and wedding stuff for my sister I have finally been able to start working on my albums again. It was nice to clean off my table and get creative again.

To help me get back in the groove I am joing the Jump Start January Scraplift Challenge at Two Peas. So far I have manafed to complete three layouts from the challenge and hope to do a few more this week.

This is a lift of Lisafisa's Thankful layout. The picture in the layout is from the Hot Hubby and mine's 3rd Anniversary photoshoot.
This layout is a lift of Kelly Goree's Best Santa layout. These pictures are from nephew's 4th birthday. He just turned 7 last week, so as you can see, I have lots of catching up to do.
This layout is my take on Nicole Martel's Close layout. This is are recap and the last page for my 2006 album!! Hopefully I will have more layouts to share soon!!

Have a gooder,



Tracy said...

Loved all your layouts.

2006 eh? Well I guess there is still hope for me to catch up with my layouts lol

nadine jenine said...

you and your chronological scrapbooking. ;) i'm going to try that for 2010. not so much scrapping in order, but keeping all 2010 layouts in the same album at least.

DebW said...

Good stuff Lindsey! Thanks for sharing!

Marlene said...

Great layouts! I'm most definitely not a chronological scrapper....that would be too much pressure for me. Go you!