Thursday, December 27, 2007

Yes, it's Snowing Again ;)

Wow, I can’t believe that it has been so long since I posted!! With work and Christmas things got pretty crazy around here. I think it is a bit funny that the day I finally have time to post is the first one in awhile that it is snowing!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! The hot hubby and I were pretty busy with get-togethers with friends and families over the past few days. Here are some pictures highlighted all the festivities.

Our Christmas Tree

Our PEZ Bride and Groom

The 7th Annual Christmas Eve-Eve Party

Hot Hubby and me at the In-Laws on Christmas Eve

My Mother in Law, nephew and me being WACKY!

Me and Claire-Bear (my Best Friend's Youngest Daughter)

Me, after I lost at Cards, I am not a good loser

Me and the Hot-Hubby at Christmas Dinner

Me and the Hot-Hubby in front of my Mom and Dad's Christmas Tree

I am making updating my blog an unofficial New Years Resolution, so I hope you will be hearing lots from me in the future!!

If you have some time today you should check out All Moments Remembered. They just revamped their site and have a lot of contests and RAKs going today. Hopefully, I will be spending most of my day there today! I am trying not to notice my Honey-Do list that the hot hubby left me before he went to work today ;)

Have a gooder!!


nadine jenine said...

i love your christmas day outfit linds!

Anonymous said...

cool post, love the pics. So glad you dropped by AMR, loved seeing you there. It was a crazy crazy day!!

Tykie said...

Love your tree - and the pez dispensers! You and the hot hubby looked very fetching over the festive days! See you soon! We're headed to the mountains tomorrow for some New Years celebrating and snowmobiling - of course! I finished Rick's album Christmas eve at 1:30am! Can't wait to show you and Heather!